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Find the factors puzzles for practicing the multiplication tables

Here are neat puzzles to review factors in multiplication, the multiplication tables -- and consequently, the basic division facts -- all in the same "package"! Or, just use them as cool logic puzzles. ☺ They're called Find the Factors puzzles. This page explains how to solve them. On this page you'll find a vast amount of them, as Excel spreadsheets: Like the author says, "T he more multiplication facts you know, the easier these puzzles become. Working on these puzzles can help you learn the multiplication table better. "

Math Mammoth Grade 5 Skills Review Workbook

Grade 5 Skills Review Workbook is finally ready and available (as a PDF)! This book has been designed to complement the lessons in  Math Mammoth Grade 5 complete curriculum , providing  spiral  review of the concepts in the Grade 5 curriculum. The book is divided into chapters, which correspond to the chapters in  Math Mammoth Grade 5  curriculum. It is meant to be used during the school year, alongside the main curriculum. Spiral reviewing means that  after  a particular concept or skill has been studied in the  main curriculum , it is then reviewed repeatedly over time in several different worksheets of this book.

Math Mammoth August sale is live!

You can now get 25% off of all of Math Mammoth and Make It Real Learning products sold at Math Mammoth website! Use coupon code J9W2-YHDY-R2S2.  The offer is valid till August 26, 2018. Start browsing here: