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Where do I start with Math Mammoth?

Where do I start with Math Mammoth? is a question I often hear (or read 😃 ). Most of the time, the best starting place is this page: Looking over the tests will give you an idea of what is covered in each grade level of Math Mammoth. A natural next step is to administer a placement test or several (instructions for this process is explained on the page), but it's not always necessary to administer a test. Sometimes the teacher/parent can see just by looking at the tests, where the child would place. Often, the test reveals gaps, and you can use the TOPICAL books of the BLUE series to fill them in: Or, you can use other materials you might have, or Khan Academy, etc. Sometimes it works out to use one of these review books to help a child get more solidified before starting a particular level in MM: https://www.m