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Kenken puzzles for mental math and logical thinking

Here's another fun idea to get a bit of mental math into the math lessons in early grades... play KenKen puzzles! (And they are really neat logical thinking puzzles for any "grade" or age - I enjoy them too!) You can play Kenken online here -  options include the puzzle size, operations to use, and difficulty level. The image above shows a 5x5 solved Kenken puzzle that uses all four operations. You might also check the offer for free weekly KenKen puzzles that Denise mentions .

"Brainie" game for some mental math - 2nd through 6th grade

Check how your 2nd-6th grader might like this game titled " Brainie " for a bit of mental math at the start (or end) of the day: It starts out with simple addition but advances in levels. Soon, you will see tiles with "-1", "-2", etc. which indicate subtraction. And after a few more levels you'll see *2 and similar, indicating multiplication. I liked it! :)

Free online practice exercises for math

  Did you know that Khan Academy not only has videos, but they have added (in recent years) a TON of free interactive practice exercises? These exercises are of good quality, and also include word problems, graphing, and other problems with visual models. And they span all areas of elementary, middle, and high school math. You might bookmark some of these pages, in case some day you'd like to find just a few extra practice exercises for your child or student (on just about any math topic) to do interactively... 1. The search page The search for a math topic will list a lot of videos and exercises intermixed. It will help if you include the word "practice" in your search. 2. Common Core "map" page , from where you can find all sorts of math exercises listed according to grade levels, then Common Core standards (videos not listed here)

Math Mammoth August sale!

AUGUST SALE!  Get 30% off of all of Math Mammoth BLUE and LIGHT BLUE series downloads & CDs at EDUCENTS . The offer is valid till August 25, 2016.