Blue series books - in what order?

Many people use Math Mammoth BLUE Series to help their children catch up if they are seriously behind. Some others use the Blue series as their main math curriculum.

The Blue series consists of TOPICAL books... so how does one use them in sequence? In what ORDER would they be used? The choice is yours, and lots of flexibility... but to help you get some idea of what goes where in regards to grade levels, this chart can help:

Study order for Math Mammoth Blue Series books

Keep in mind, the above link presents just a broad outline. The order of studying these books is not set in stone. :)

Puzzle - fractional parts and fair share

Here are some nice puzzles for middle school students.

On the surface, students get practice with finding a fractional part of a quantity (such as 1/6 of 24) but the full idea of the puzzles is quite fascinating:

Fair Shares puzzles

The different series of Math Mammoth books

Some people feel overwhelmed by the information and all the books offered at Math Mammoth website... and I can understand that.

So, I recently revised the page concerning which books to choose to explain (hopefully) better the different series of books, and to help people choose what they need. :)

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Discontented with division?

Enjoy this column by Steven Strogatz titled Division and Its Discontents.

Division "is the place where many students hit the mathematical wall", he says. Division is mathematically the operation that gives us FRACTIONS... because not everything divides evenly. If you try to divide 9 by 4, you will end up with a fractional part in your final answer.

Strogatz takes us through a few short stories, and in the end shows us some astonishing facts concerning decimals, which make it seem that everything is turning topsy-turvy! Enjoyable piece for adults and your middle and high school students alike. :)

If you'd like more, this piece is actually a part of a series of columns on the Elements of Math:

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