Never give up! A story by 8-year old Savannah

  This is a wonderful story by a girl about her experiences with math... have your kids read it! Note how she learns when the teacher allows her to correct her mistakes in a test. I definitely advocate that. In fact, I give my kids HALF of the points they COULD have gotten at first, if they get a test question correct when they revise it.    Tests should be LEARNING tools, and help children learn, just like everything else we do in teaching them, and NOT "scary judgment devices".

Rounding rules for estimating

Several people have asked over the years about ROUNDING when estimating the result of a math problem. I finally wrote something to put online so I can refer people to that when they ask...   It seems to be a confusing topic! But really, in a nutshell, there are no exact rules. When estimating...   Consider your mental math skills. Round as little as possible, based on what YOU can calculate in your head. And, consider also how the rounding up or down will affect the final result . Sometimes it is better to round one number up and the other down, even though the technical rounding rules would dictate otherwise.

Vertical addition online game

Codelover has finished another game for Math Mammoth practice! This one is for vertical or column addition . (Subtraction is coming soon.) Simple practice overall, but we spiced it up with colors, and Mathy my mascot is giving children feedback about their progress. 😁 And in the end there's a surprise animation. For grades 2-4.

Mathematical dot-to-dot

Interesting! This is a mathematical dot-to-dot that's different from the can have your middle or high school students review integer operation, the order of operations, percentages, exponents, and other topics with these dot-to-dots.😊

Workbook for kids - savings and finances

It's financial literacy month (April), so here's a free nice workbook: A Kid's Guide to Saving: An Interactive Workbook With 14 pages, the guide includes: A calculator that illustrates the magic of compound interest for a child’s understanding Budgeting worksheets to calculate how much to save and set savings goals A quiz to test their learning with a certificate of completion at the end

Math card game for addition facts - online version

New! CodeLover made the "7 Up" card game for Math Mammoth practice... for addition facts where the sum is 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14. Check it out at

Seven Up - game for addition facts (sums of 10)

This week, CodeLover (my son) and I played this simple card game Seven Up... see You simply deal seven cards face up, and if any two of them make 10, or is 10, you remove those. (You need to remove the face cards from the deck before playing.) Then you simply deal more cards to the empty places and keep on going. If you can't remove any of the cards, deal 7 new cards on top of your existing cards. This simple game is quite fun and practices sums with 10. One question to ask is, do you always win? Can you always remove all the cards and have none left in the end of the game? Another question you can ask your child is, can this be played so the sum of the cards you remove is 11? or some other number? 😃 Have fun!