Math card game for all four operations (elementary)

I'm sure youngsters will like this card "game"! I'm going to try it with mine.

Actually it's not really a game, but a fun way for kids to write some of their own math problems using a deck of cards. She even provides a free printout:

Little Blue School: Math Card Game for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

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Anonymous said…
How would you play the card game? Even though I'm not in elementary school, but I do like games or hands on objects that can help you learn.
Maria Miller said…
You have to click thru to the other blog to see how it's done. You just give the child a deck of cards, he turns two cards, and chooses to write a math operation using those numbers that came from the cards.
Lydia Netzer said…
Hey, thanks for the link! This is the game that keeps on gaming. :) Especially for the child who likes to be in control of his own destiny, or in this case in control of his own worksheet. Mine has settled on making me guess which operation he uses, which is a good variation that we both like. :)
Anonymous said…
This is similar to some games we play in our Math Club, but I like the "choose your operation" option. I haven't allowed the students to do that --- have to try it Friday! (And I really ought to get around to posting our games, too.)

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