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Just a little math word search

My girls made and printed out a math word search for my birthday, and I thought I'd share it with you (click on the image):

The answer key is here.

It's just a simple thing, but it's still cute to receive something "home-made" fit for a mathy mom : )

In case you want to make your own, it was made at Armoured Penguin website - they give you lots of options and you get a PDF of the word search.

Sticky notes for assessment

This is an idea for those of you who teach a group--whether in a school or a homeschool co-op etc.

The video explains it all... from Terrance Banks. He uses sticky notes for a quick formative assessment during instruction:

Desmos graphing calculator

Maybe many of you already know about this, but I feel I am behind times sometimes. :)

Desmos is a fantastic free online graphic calculator. It is super easy to use, also. It starts drawing the graph while you're still typing!

Users can save graphs... see for example this one: a function, its derivative, and tangent drawn to a point. You can change the function as you wish. I changed it a little bit, and this is what I got:

Here's another example: Riemann sums that someone created. Again, you can change the function and other parameters.

The graphs can also be printed, emailed, and embedded on web pages.There's lots you can do: parameters (with sliders), inequalities, piecewise functions... In fact, many users have used it as a drawing platform by creating a bunch of piecewise functions, and so they come up with pictures like this one:

Rolling can science activity

Aurora Lipper has posted on her blog a neat science activity. It's a can that rolls back to you... she says most adults can't explain why it works.

We made it just this morning, just with a bigger can than what Aurora used, so it rolled a longer way before turning back.

I like this activity because

1) it's so simple and quick to make,
2) kids loved it
3) it works
4) it illustrates a very important principle in science.

Go take a look!