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Different people send me their website links from time to time, for me to check and consider adding to the site. That's nice, as it saves me the trouble from looking for new links and sites.

The other day I got this link: The Jefferson Math Project,, and I truly found a fantastic "deal" on it, if you want to call it a deal, since it's free:

They offer a free Worksheet Builder software made by Prentice Hall. It has a database of thousands of ready-made questions for every subtopic of algebra, advanced algebra, and geometry. You just browse the questions and add those you wish to your worksheet, and then print it. You can change the number values in the question to make it different, though essentially the same.

It also has libraries of questions for standard test practice (again, algebra, advanced algebra, and geometry).

As such, it is for high school, but from the site you can also download an additional Saxon Library of questions for grade math 4 and onward. And, also offers enhanced libraries that include Math A and Math B Regents exam questions.

I could not initially believe they would offer it for free for other visitors too (and not just New York teachers), so I had to email back to the project editor, and he confirmed that they have a permission from Prentice Hall to distribute it for free and would like a lot of traffic from homeschoolers.

On my site you have probably used the worksheet generators that make worksheets for basic operations, fractions, decimals, square roots... but this software can now fill the gap for free high school math worksheets.

Here's the link one more time: home page of Jefferson Math Project and a direct link to the Free Worksheet Builder software.
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