Conversion chart for measuring units

I was just sent a link to this site; all it is, is a handy one-page printable conversion chart for various US measures, metric measures, and US vs. metric measures. Includes even a comparative Fahrenheit vs. Celsius thermometer.


Anonymous said…
Thank you! I was just searching for this. Perfect timing! :)
engg said…
i visited which includes number of measuring units chart.
Mechnicalebook is an online resource for mechanical engineers and students.

you can visit
Math-Aids.Com said…
Nice conversion Chart Thanks.
Moderator said…
Please make sure that you use proper typing on the blogs. It help's to assure the parents and other people that everyone on here is smart :)
Enjoy your time here.

Anonymous said…
thanks a bunch
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much, I have to review a lot of math to take a job exam.
Troy said…
Awesome! The perfect chart.
sally said…
Thanks for the post

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