Math as a career - why not?

Would your youngster enjoy a career in math?

The article at Businessweek Math will rock you world tells us how mathematics is used more and more in advertisement world, in internet technologies etc.

Use of mathematics is on the rise because it is used in more and more places to model various things, including people's behaviour.

New math graduates can easily land a job - often with a 6-figure salary.

Says Tom Leighton, an entrepreneur and applied math professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "All of my students have standing offers at Yahoo! and Google."

But math programs in universities and colleges aren't filling with enthusiastic American young people: estimated half of the 20,000 math grad students now in the U.S. are foreign-born.

So it looks like math graduates are in need. And you don't have to be a boy to study math, remember.
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