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Summer is approaching, and you all my readers probably have all kinds of different plans. If you're a homeschooler, maybe you continue homeschool, maybe not. Some people take a vacation, some stay at home.

Anyway, however it might fit into your plans, I'd like to recommend a nice (British) math website Count On (

In my mind, Count On website is almost like a mathematical vacation, full of enjoyment with mathematical themes. Even the logo looks like the site is supposed to make you feel happy.

It has various things on it: some very games of course, two interactive "museums" with galleries of mathematical paintings and explanations of their history (Matrix Museum and Pictures Interactive). A maths timeline for history geeks.

I especially like their "mathzines", or math related online magazines. There are two different ones: Meenie Minus for smaller kids, and Kaleidoscope for middle school age. The magazines have engaging, short games and activities, just like your printed kid magazines do.

The Explorer section is really neat, with activities on tilings, patterns, fractals, gridwarping, tricks, etc.

The Resources section has articles on math misconceptions, and some British curriculum guidelines etc.

And that wasn't all, but I stop here because I haven't even explored every corner of that site myself. I hope you can find some relaxing mathematical moments or fun activities for your students (OR YOURSELF). They even have a online maths newspaper called The Sum with quite some headlines!

Here's the link once again: Count On.

And no, this wasn't any paid advertisement or endorsement; the folks there know nothing about me blogging about their site... I just really appreciate their efforts in building the website and showing how math can be enjoyable.

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