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First a remainder... my blog contest with giveaways ends on Monday July 3rd! Soon we can announce the winners.

Here's just a bunch of interesting websites that I've taken note of lately... Hopefully something for everyone.

There are several subscription based websites with animated math tutorials (video), but now there is one where you find those free: has free animated and narrated math tutorials - pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry. The collection is going to keep increasing little by little.

Simulations of Ruler and Compass Constructions - practice compass & ruler constructions interactively online. Hints and solutions included.

Textsavvy blog helps us learn the basics of what long division is based on.

Practice Problems for the California Mathematics Standards Grades 1-8. Solutions included. You could use these as tests, or for assessment of what grade level a student is in (approximately; I realize state standards vary).

Happy sunshiny days! (I hope everyone gets to get some sun as it is so integral to our well-being! :^)


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