Blog updates.... less often?

No, I don't mean I'm planning to blog less, but I've thought about this often, and want to give THOSE OF YOU WHO GET THE FEEDBLITZ EMAILS an option to not receive emails from me so often.

Currently, if you've subscribed to the blog via email, you get an email a day after I blog something... generally about three times a week.

Maybe that's too often for some. So I've decided to start a traditional newsletter that comes out just monthly. The stuff I'm planning to put it in will be taken from whatever I've blogged about - anything concerning math teaching. Obviously that newsletter, since it's only one thing per month, cannot include all that I might blog about, but I'll try to pick and choose the most interesting things, maybe include links to the blogposts for people to read more, etc.

Here's the subscription form for the newsletter. I hope to send it between 15th and 20th of each month.

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