Coupon codes for math curricula...

I've received not one, but TWO, coupon codes for math curricula to post on my blog and tell people about. They happen to be non-competing, so I put both here.

1) Carnegie Learning gives 10% off for new customers with the code LAUNCH10.

Carnegie Learning is a newcomer on homeschool market; they have pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, and integrated math products - in other words, grades 8-11.

These are unique in the sense that the product consists of both textbook AND a sophisticated software (Cognitive Tutor) that goes with it. (And you can buy the software separately, too, to supplement your existing book.)

The software allows students to work at their own pace, identifies student's weaknesses, and customizes instruction to focus on areas where the student is struggling. The system is built on cognitive models, which represent the knowledge a student might possess about a given subject. The software assesses the prior mathematical knowledge of students on a step-by-step basis and presents curricula tailored to their individual skill levels.

Website: Normal prices (per course): $99 (software, textbook, install guide), $85 software only, $21 student text only. But you get 10% off with the coupon.

2) You get 20% off of any of the RightStart Math products at Ladybug Homeschool Supplies with the coupon code: Homeschoolmathdiscount. Order before Sept. 30, 2006.

RightStart Math is a manipulative based elementary program that teaches math facts with games. Their geometry program is for middle school, and is excellent beyond words; I've written a review of it, too.


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