Homeschool Math Blog Giveaways - win a membership to The Math Forum Problem of the Week service, or math ebooks!

I talked recently how solving challenging problems is the only way to be a good problem solver. And, one way to accomplish that is to take part in a Problem of the Week activity.

So... I'm very pleased to announce that The Math Forum wants to give away 2 memberships to their Problem of the Week service:

1) One INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP (Gives access to the current problems and ability to submit solutions, get answer checks, and receive free mentoring when it's available.)
2) One CLASS MEMBERSHIP - the GRAND PRIZE! (Includes an account to monitor multiple student submissions and the possibility of mentoring students using the interactive system of emails/messages. Also gives access to some parts of the Active Problem Library.)

Here you can learn more how this problem of the week thing works.

And... that is not all, folks! I will also be giving away some ebooks as runner-up prizes for 10 people. It will be your choice of either Place Value 1, Multiplication 1, or Geometry ebook!

So this 'contest' will have a total of 12 prizes - in a random drawing!

How to participate

To appreciate the generousness of the folks at The Math Forum AND also because I feel it is a great and valuable service and learning opportunity, we wish to spread the word about their Problem of the Week (PoW) activities.

So... the way to take part in the contest is if you spread the word about the contest and about the PoW service! I'll have a random drawing for the prizes after Friday, August 25th.

You can either

  • Post on your blog, if you have one.

  • Post on a message board, if you frequent one so that the people are already used to you posting something. This has to be a message board whose readers would be likely to be interested in The Math Forum PoW - preferably a homeschooling OR an educational message board.

  • Email some of your friends about it - 3 at least. Please only email people who you feel would be interested. Send me a cc (carbon copy) of the email.

  • If you have a different idea about how to spread the word, check with me first.

And don't forget to let me know. Leave a comment here, or email me at .

Whatever you write, include
  • a clickable link to this blogpost (so people can find out about the contest). The address is

  • and a link to The Math Forum Problem of the Week webpage

  • Also, include this paragraph of text:
    The Math Forum's mission is to provide interactive learning services and a library of resources from the online mathematics community that enrich and support teaching and learning in an increasingly technological world.

If you feel your friends or readers would like this article, you're welcome to link to it too: Challenging problems in math and how to use a "Problem of the Week" activity (optional).

The drawing will be random, and performed after Friday, August 25th.

That's all folks! Happy contest time!

Disclaimer: The Math Forum provided the prize for the drawing to Maria Miller and and has no other responsibility for the drawing, rules or promotion of the contest.

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