Online math resources


These are some of the links I've added to my site recently. Maybe there's some that interest you.
Free online textbook for high school geometry; not finished.

Visualizing human development trends (such as poverty, health, gaps, income on a global scale) via stunning, interactive statistical graphs. This is an interactive, dynamic tool and not just static graphs. Download the software or the reports for free.

How to write proofs
A 12-part tutorial on proof writing. Includes direct proof, proof by contradiction, proof by contrapositive, mathematical induction, if and only if, and proof strategies.

Money Math
Crystal clear tutorial on interest.

Graph Mole
A fun game about plotting points in coordinate plane. Plot points before the mole eats the vegetables.

All sorts of sites to explore! But if those didn't fit your bill, if you're in need of a game or tutorial about specific math topic, check my link lists of online math resources; they're organized by level and topic:

Math help, Homework help, tutoring

Math history, Problem solving, Hands-on, For Gifted, Mental Math, Test prep

Basic operations, Times tables, Place value

Time, Money, Measuring, Geometry

Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Integers

Measuring, Coordinate Plane, Geometry

Algebra, Graphing, Calculus

Geometry,  Trigonometry, Statistics, Logic

Math games, quizzes, or interactive tutorials websites

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