Math Mammoth Grade 6 Worksheets now ready

This is what I've been working on behing the scenes so to speak... and now some of it is finally come to the fruition and is available to the public:

(now comes the sales pitch as was made up by my dear husband)

Meet Mrs. Maria Miller's Most Marvellous & Magnificent Math Mammoth Modified Modern Mathematics Meticulous Multiplication Methodology Major Madness - It's Mmm Mighty Majestic!

Ok, back to normal...
I have been making worksheets for SpiderSmart, Inc. tutoring company and the 6th grade ones are now available as two downloadable ebooks at:

Math Mammoth Grade 6 Worksheets

These aren't your run-of-the-mill worksheets, but more like carefully hand-crafted quality problem sheets, with varying problems that both emphasize understanding of concepts and computation.

The worksheets do NOT have explanations and therefore best suit math teachers or others who can explain the mathematical subject matter to the student(s).

I will later on (next year) be making more worktexts (with full explanations) using some of this material, and those will better serve the homeschool community.

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