4th grade worksheets

I spent this last Saturday working on an idea that I probably should have done a long ago... making better use of my various worksheet generators.

I created a single page that has pre-made worksheets for 4th grade math. It's just long list of links, each of which generates a certain kind of worksheet. Should be handy for my visitors.

So these are still randomly generated, each time it's a new one. Just hit 'refresh from the browser and a new one is there.

And while building that page, I also fixed a few litte things in the generators, and added a few more options... For example, Fractions worksheet generator now has the option to make missing addend/factor/dividend sheets.

So hopefully with these changes they will better serve my visitors.

And yeah, I can hear some asking, "When are you going to do a similar page for 3rd or 5th grade?"

Well, I hope get such done before the year is over. We will see! I DO hope to get those done as well!


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