Teaching integers

Recently I answered a question about teaching integers on an email list, and decided to post all that on my site as well.

Also, I spent a few hours making downloadable fact sheets about all integer operations - these are free.

The sheets try to include quite a bit about "why" the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing integers work.

Teaching integers

Also I will answer here a question left on my site... there was no email address left so I couldn't answer via email.

how do you do this problems: elizabeth bought 3 1/3 pounds of tomatoes for $2.50. how much did she pay per pound?

Prices per pound are always given in [dollars per pound] or [dollars / pounds ].

This gives you the idea: you need to take the dollar amount and DIVIDE it by the pounds.

$2.50 ÷ 3 1/3 lb = $2.50 ÷ 10/3 lb = $2.50 × 3/10 = $7.50/10 = $0.75 per lb.


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