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Someone pointed out to me how my addition worksheet generator had a bug: they couldn't make missing addend worksheets where the student is completing the next whole hundred.

Well I was able to fix it somewhat so now it works for that situation, as long as you don't choose step 2 for the value 2.

These generators... many people have mentioned how they like them. When I first made them, I didn't realize that putting so many options on them would make them not always work... not for every possible combination of options.

I figure that's why on most websites, math worksheet generators don't have many options!

But I made mine originally with as many options as I could possibly think of, because I figured teachers would like them that way! You know, you can choose the number of problems, how many rows, columns, font size, range of numbers including a 'step', missing addend or factor, switching value 1 and 2, etc.

So then it follows, that if you choose some step for values 1 and 2, AND for the answer, that quite likely the script won't find suitable problems. And similarly for other complicated combinations of various options.

Here's a direct link for generating a random worksheet like the lady wanted:

Missing addend worksheet - complete the next whole hundred.

Refresh the page to get a new one and new one and so on.

Here's the link to the addition worksheet generator itself.


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