Multiplication, division, laser TVs, logs.

Well today I hopefully have something for everybody.

  1. The site shows you an alternative long division algorithm, which takes the guessing away from estimating how many times the divisor goes into what needs divided. Also called 1-2-4-8 division.

    This is a pretty cool way of dividing! The interactive tool shows you the steps right there for any problem you might come up with.

  2. At you can download an ebook by Dan Umbarger explaining logarithm how's, why's, and wherefore's in all detail for students.

    Great resource for precalculus students.

  3. You might also enjoy an alternative way to multiply called lattice multiplication. I did! It seems pretty simple.

  4. And lastly, if the math topics didn't interest you, how about my hubby's newest website called ... It's about a totally new way of making TVs using lasers.

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