New package products

There's so much going on with my Math Mammoth books that I again have a little "piece of news" along those lines.

I have made two new CD products, besides the one existing:

1) Blue Series package

This package contains all 16 Math Mammoth Blue Series books. It is available as a download and as a CD.

The price for this is $40 (download) and $45 (CD).

2) Golden/Green series package

Golden/Green series package is offered on a CD for $50. Remember that my Green series worksheets collections are totally duplicate content with the Golden ones, but the CD contains both series for convenience's sake. That way you may find quicker the exact worksheets for your needs.

3) ALL INCLUSIVE Math Mammoth CD

This CD contains all of it: the Blue series, the Golden series, and the Green series. Price: $80.

You can order all those above on this page


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