Homeschool Blog Awards prizes

Due to a very unfortunate illness, the Homeschool Blog Awards website may not be able to post the prizes that the winners will get.

Since I am one of those that have promised prizes, I will just go ahead and post what I'll give here on my blog, to help out a little.

1) For the winners in categories
Best Thrifty Homeschooler,
Best Unschooling or Eclectic Homeschooling Blog,
Best Crafts, Plans & Projects Blog

- Math Mammoth All Inclusive CD (value $80)

2) For the winners in all the rest of the categories

- Math Mammoth Blue Series package as a download (value $40)

To learn more, please follow these links:

Math Mammoth books
Math Mammoth packages and CD products

And... you can also request a FREE sample package that contains over 100 worksheets from the Math Mammoth Golden Series collections and over 170 other sample pages from the Blue Series books.

Go vote!


Anonymous said…

I just released a freeware (with source) graphical calculator for windows.
You can access it here:
It is a really fun math toy, so you might like to link to it from your site.


Rik Arends

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