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I've made a partnership with Scott from Softbasics to offer additional bonus software for those who buy any Math Mammoth CD product or the Blue Series download.

In essence, by buying any of the CDs, or the Blue Series download, you will also get a bundle of 7 software products (math, L&A, testing):

The Soft-Pak contains:

  • Math Maker - printable worksheets/activities with answer keys.

  • Math Master - same activities as Math Maker, but on-screen.

  • Math User - on-screen program for solving the 900 multi-level word problems (also printable in Math Maker) with a built-in calculator.

  • True/False Math Challenger - on-screen program for answering math questions that are either True or False using motivational activities. Includes math "facts" that are either true or false.

  • Language Arts Master - covers spelling and reading (over 4000 words included) plus usage, writing mechanics, reading speed and recall, and a non-threatening grammar section: parts of speech, subjects and predicates, phrases and clauses, and sentence structure. Printable activities with answer keys.

  • Test Maker - used to CREATE personal word lists for use in LA Master spelling and reading. Also used to create True/False and Multiple Choice activities for use in Test Master.

  • Test Master - on-screen program for answering the True/False and Multiple Choice questions created in Test Maker. Any subject (geography, history, science, foreign language etc may be addressed). Printable activities as well.

See more info and screenshots.

Otherwise I've been busy preparing the complete curriculum for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade that will be sold at Winterpromise. It going slower than I thought... Well, that probably happens to many people who start new projects. You never quite anticipate all the hurdles and how much time this or that takes.

It took me a long time making the measuring / geometry section for 2nd grade. I was trying hard to think what kind of lessons would get kids familiar with inches, kilograms, pounds, milliliters, etc.

You know, I don't think you get a good feel of measuring if you don't go do it and measure! Just doing paper and pencil problems won't get you there. So I tried to think up little measuring projects and things that mothers and children can do at home, and that help the children learn about various measuring units.

Right now I'm writing something way easier, which is early multiplication lessons. In comparison, it's a breeze.

Also, I am overseeing all this translating work that's happening all around me (it seems). One person is translating the books to Spanish, another to French, and a third one is checking and fixing the layout after all those looonnng Spanish and French words are in there. You know, they don't always fit into my 'boxes', pages flow over etc.

So I'm keeping busy. Anticipate several new products in June!


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