An island of rationality in the insanity of math wars

That is the description of a new blog called Rational Mathematics Education, by Michael Paul Goldenberg.

I mention it for the sake of those of you who are interested in the trends in mathematics education, and the "math wards" between the traditional and the reform.
"The 'Net is flooded with videos, blogs, and what I view as hate lists and web sites all attacking progressive reform methods, tools, technologies, pedagogies and, most especially, text books in mathematics (although the onslaught against progressive science education is on its way, and the current focus on mathematics education reform was preceded by the still on-going war against "whole language" and related ideas in literacy education.

This blog has been created to provide direct replies to entries on other blogs where the blogger invites feedback but refuses to post negative responses, critical comments, uncomfortable questions, etc., of ANY kind, regardless of how polite they may be. What do such people fear, I wonder?"

As for me, I'm just real real busy trying to finish up the Math Mammoth complete curriculum for 3rd grade, and get that to the folks at Winterpromise. So that's why there has been sort of a break in blogging. I'll try to do better after that's all done.

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