Math enrichment problems at MathNotations

Today I want to highlight a blog called Math Notations by Dave Marain that specializes in math enrichment problems such as various type challenges and investigations. And they are quite good!

For example, recently Dave posted a geometry problem, and even gave the answer in his post, but he asked the readers to find DIFFERENT ways to solve the problem.

I encourage you to go see the problem and see how many different ways you can find to solve it!

That is exactly what we can ask students too - especially if you have many students and some of them solve the original problem in no time. You can use the same problem as a basis for further investigations for them.

His blog has "labels" in the sidebar, which makes it easy to find problems on a particular topic or concept.


Dave Marain said…
Thank you for the kind words!
It's always gratifying to receive support from one's peers and particularly from someone who is as passionate about youngsters, math and education as you are.

You may want to check out the new problem I posted today. There will be quite a few of these SAT-type questions over the next few weeks. Teachers may want to save them for classroom openers or other challenges as they see fit. One has to believe in their intrinsic value to find the time to include them in the curriculum. Certainly, repeated exposure to these kinds of problems will lead to greater confidence on the student's part when she/he encounters similar questions on the real SAT, but I see much more value in them. Thanks again! i will be recommending your outstanding blog as well.
Dave Marain

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