Rank #1 in Google search meme

I heard about this from Let's Play Math, and thought it sounded a little fun. It didn't take me too long to find out I come up #1 in Google for these phrases:

singapore's bar diagrams 1.17 M
multiplying in parts 1.8 M
number rainbows 1.7 M
homeschool math blog 1.15M
living loving math 1.5 M

The numbers indicate how many results Google showed (in millions).

The rules are below. If you like the idea, consider yourself tagged!

1. Search for your blog on Google. Try to find 5 different phrases that produce your blog as the #1 hit.

2. You may enclose the search phrase in quotes if necessary, but a search without quotes is preferred.

3. Score your search phrases based on the total number of hits.


Shauna said…
This sounds fun! I am sometimes quite surprised by the combinations that somehow lead searchers to my blog!

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