New Math Mammoth books

As the year is approaching its end, and a new one is around the corner, so are some new Math Mammoth books and other news.

Some new ones are already here, from the Green Series. These are collections of worksheets especially good for teachers who need worksheets on a certain topic or topics but with somewhat varying difficulty. They work good for a review, too:
Also, Math Mammoth Money book has gotten a "sister" version with Canadian coins: Canadian Money.

The news some of you might be interested in is that my Lightblue Series complete curriculum books for grades 1, 2, and 3 will be available as downloads from the beginning of 2008, at Kagi store. The price will be $27 per grade level.

And, the fourth grade material for the Lightblue is coming along, as well. I hope to have it ready in February-March. Also in January I will publish two new books titled Math Mammoth Multiplication 2 and Math Mammoth Division 2. These two will replace the current Multiplication & Division 2 book, and will have better (and very fresh!) material.


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