Math Mammoth LightBlue series books as downloads

Great news!

The LightBlue Series books are now available as downloads. These are designed to be a complete curriculum for a given grade. They follow the lesson format of my Blue Series books: explanations, then problems (worktext). In fact, the two series do share a lot of material.

The LightBlue is for you if you need a math curriculum for a given grade that covers all the topics needed. These are practically no-prep for the teacher, and in fact, kids can probably teach themselves the majority of the time (assuming they can read).

Please read more by following these links:

Math Mammoth Grade 1 Complete Worktext

Math Mammoth Grade 2 Complete Worktext

Math Mammoth Grade 3 Complete Worktext

I will have grade 4 ready sometime this spring, February or March I think.


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