Kindergarten math

People occasionally ask me about kindergarten math, and if I'm going to write kindergarten level books for the Math Mammoth series. The answer is no, I don't feel there's any need for me to write books, because there already exist plenty of good materials for these very basic and easy concepts.

BUT I did write a comprehensive article about what you can do in kindergarten math, including many games you can play, and what basic concepts should be covered in order to prepare for 1st grade.


Anonymous said…
You're right. There are pleanty of materials out there even for Kindergarten Math. I found this site pretty useful:
Kindergarten Math

By the way, I love your blog. I've gotten some fantastic ideas out of it. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I always log onto and click on activities. They are GREAT! The DVDs that go with them have been highly useful with my kindies, too!
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed looking through what you put on this website. There are lots of fun and educational activities to get the students interested in math.

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