Heart of the Matter conference

Heart of the Matter will he hosting an online homeschool conference during July 30 till August 3.

What is a virtual conference all about?

"Each speaker will just log in at her/his scheduled time, with a plugged in microphone, speak about their topic (approximately 30-40 minutes), and then hold a Q/A session with the listeners (approximately 20-30 minutes). All the while the attendees will get to chat amongst themselves in true Instant Message format.

We really want the conference to be less like a "seminar" and more like a bunch of close friends in a chat room. We want everyone to feel comfortable. Some sessions will also be pre-recorded. Just wait till you see what some of your favorite home school personalities have done to educate and entertain you! At the end you will join in to chat with them, ask questions, and they will answer."

Well, yours truly is planning to be a speaker as well...
Anyway, here's a link for more info and you can sign up as well. Place my name (Maria Miller) in the "add special instructions" field, please, so they know I referred you.


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