Summer math and how to help students who are behind

Summer is here, so this time I want to feature two articles from my main site, touching on topics that might be close to heart for many at this time:

Keeping Your Math Skills Sharp Over The Summer


How to Help a Student Who is Behind in Math?

I hope these can be of help. Feel free to comment here at the blog.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the article on "Keeping Your Math Skills Sharp Over The Summer"

Summer is a time where kids often "forget" a lot of math from the year before -- this often leads to a bad start in the next grade, which gives them a sour start to math. To encourage kids, we want to make sure that they never feel behind or "bad" at math!

I run a tutoring company and know the importance of building confidence in young students - a little summer work can build a lot of confidence for the next year.
Anonymous said…
In Poland there is an excellent site which is stuffed with mathematical exercises and articles. I wonder why there is no such site in English.

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