Mean & mode freebie download

This free lesson about mean and mode will get you a foretaste for my upcoming 5-A Complete Curriculum from the LightBlue Series.

Download it here:
Mean, Mode, and Bar Graphs - lesson for 5th grade.

In the lesson I highlight the idea of mode versus mean (average) and when you can calculate the mean. Students also graph the data in bar graphs.

I didn't include the median because elementary lessons on mean, median, and mode tend to concentrate on the calculation aspect only, and I didn't want that. In this lesson they at least get to graph the data and think if mean (average) is "calculable". So I decided to postpone the median till 6th grade...

But here are some other lessons on these topics. Even with these you can see how much the actual calculations dominate the lessons.

Using and Handling Data
Simple explanations for finding mean, median, or mode.

Mode of a Set of Data

A very simple and clear lesson with examples and interactive quiz questions.

Finding the Mean, Median, and Mode
A great lesson with interactive quiz questions in the end. It also explains briefly the different uses for mean, median, and mode. After all, why do we have three different numbers for the central tendency of the data set?

Mean, Median, and Mode
Lesson on how to calculate mean, median, and mode for set of data given in different ways. Also has interactive exercises.

GCSE Bitesize Mean, mode and median lessons
Explanations with simple examples.

Measures Activity
Enter you own data and the program will calculate mean, median, mode, range and some other statistical measures.

Landmark Shark Game
You're dealt five number cards, and using that as your data set you need to choose which of the range, median, or mode is the largest number.

Train Race Game
Calculate the median and range of travel times for four different trains, then choose a good train to take based on your results.


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