Useful links

These are just some links sent my way over the last few months that I thought you might enjoy.
  • Teach Banzai is an online system for financial education. It sounds really interesting! Students can set up various "jars" (budgets), enter transactions (real or fictional), and continue using the system for life if they so wish. It's all free and there are lesson plans offered.

  • SpaceTime TV
    Watch educational videos online from full length documentaries to short video clips featuring shows from PBS, National Geographic, and the History Channel. They've done a good job of collecting the best free science and history videos. I can just imagine how difficult and time-consuming it'd be to find those if you went searching on YouTube an other video sites yourself.

  • Dimensions
    Interesting movie - which is available totally free online - about how mathematicians can visualize the fourth dimension. Some of that stuff will give you "mathematical vertigo", but some of the chapters are easy enough for middle schoolers on up, teaching about stereographic projection, the difference between 2nd and 3rd dimensions, complex numbers, and more.

  • Math Problem Generator
    On this site you need to browse through a collection of problems and add them one by one to your worksheet so it is slow - BUT the problem collection includes prealgebra, algebra, high school geometry, proportions, statistics, probability, algebra 2, and SAT (inc. word problems in all of the categories), many of which you won't find on many of the other worksheet sites.


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