Coffee Shop

I couldn't resist playing this fun game and you and your kids might not resist it either.

Basically you first buy some inventory to make coffee, adjust your coffee recipe (more or less milk, more or less sugar, etc.), define a price, and go selling. These funny animated folks pass by your coffee stand and voice their opinions, whether it's needing more milk or is too pricey or good quality for the price, etc.

At the end of each day you'll see a graph of your earnings and of your reputation. Then you go shopping for more inventory and adjusting your recipe and price. The play continues for 14 days. And the weather changes, too.

My daughter wanted to keep the coffee price way too low, like $1.65 or $2.00 and in no time was almost running out of money... : ) My hubby played it for hours.

The game practices decision making and analyzing several variables - critical thinking in other words.


Anonymous said…
Just came across your blog through BlogCatalog. Thanks for sharing the game - that's all I needed - one more way to waste hours away!
Rhonda said…
My kids and I are loving this game. I can't seem to sell more than 24 cups in a day, though. Even with 100% reputation. Is that a game limit, or have you seen anyone sell more than that?
Maria Miller said…
I don't know if it is a game limit, but it very well may be. I never sold that many even per day! But then again, the amount you sell MAY depend on the price you set (I set mine around $5-$8).
Rhonda said…
I set mine low to start with (about $2.50), then raise it as my reputation increases. The highest I've charged is $4.75, I think.

That's what makes this so interesting. If I increase my price, I increase my profit. However, it may also affect sales. Hmmmm...
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this link it really does help her and unlike homework she actually LOVES doing it lol
Anonymous said…
You're not kidding the Coffee Shop game is fun! I played longer than I cared to admit; and thanks to the two homemade chai lattes I was tempted into by the game, I couldn't go to sleep until the wee hours of the DD9 was watching and begging to play!


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