Thanksgiving contest winners 1

I have had a fantastic turnout to my Thanksgiving contest - nearly 110 entries! Thanks to all that participated!

I have spent a lot of time reading the responses, and there are some among them that are just jewels - people's testimonials of how Math Mammoth has helped the children or even saved the entire homeschool.

In fact, while reading through, I decided to cast aside my earlier rules about the number of winners, and so there will be MORE winners than what I announced originally.

This post is about the results for the category 2: Give your excuses for not using Math Mammoth yet -- because these were simply easier to judge. Category 1 winners will be published soon after this.

I hope you will enjoy reading through the entries.


1st Prize: $50 credit to get Math Mammoth books

There are two winners.

1. Robin G.

Excerpt from her entry:

... Finances have been very tight for us -- at times nonexistent! My husband suddenly became ill at the beginning of this year and has been unable to work since then. Thankfully, he had short and long-term disability insurance through his now former employer. We do have an income each month, but it is significantly less than when he worked (and even that was much lower than most people consider it possible to live on!). We sold our house in September and have been trying to build another one debt free with the help of friends and family. It is a very small one room cabin style house with no electricity, simply because we cannot afford it. Now we do not have a house payment (and are currently living with my parents until our cabin is ready), but my husband's health insurance and medical expenses total more than our house payment was. I do not want to seem to be complaining, because we know we are very blessed. Right now, we simply cannot afford to buy homeschool curriculum. ...

Read this entry in its entirety

2. Shawn Orton

This year my class is struggling kids,
Whose math has never been the best
Their current book is full of words,
That put comprehension to the test.

One glance at the book, they're overwhelmed!
They need to learn in smaller bites,
But to create the worksheets they would need
Would take many of my days and nights.

And there's the bane of teachers all,
The school does not provide the means
To purchase supplies we feel would help,
And are wallets already are sadly lean.

To my rescue, will you come?
With green or gold books for middle school,
I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best,
To win would definitely be really cool.

2nd Prize: $30 credit to get Math Mammoth books

Again, two winners.

1. Anna Odle was full of questions. Here's a sample of them:
1. I am happy with my 1st graders curriculum and his ability to do it. Is your curriculum a supplement? Or is it complete on it own, or perhaps both are true? I did not see if there was a teacher's book to go with a students work. If I download the book do I get the whole thing, or am I just downloading sections of the program?

2. My 3rd grader does not claim to enjoy math and struggles with the amount of work he is expected to do each day. He does not like to copy problems, which he does in his current book. I can see that your downloads would eliminate the need for him to copy his own work, he would just be filling in worksheets. But do I need a different book from the Blue Series for him or does it cover all 3rd grade material? It seemed like a couple of books overlapped the 3rd grade level. Where do I start with him?

3. ...
Read her entry in its entirety

2. Kalyani made a chart of opposing and promoting thoughts that I thought was very original.

The devil...The angel...The result? Me thinks...
Indian math is supposed to be good, right? What makes me think Math Mammoth will add more value? I've grown up studying Indian math. It is good but I had a tough time coping. I don't want my daughter to go through any of the math-phobia I had (and still have). I want material that looks fun, that patiently builds concepts, and that is smart enough for her.Let me think about it a little more and decide...
There are tons of free worksheets on the internet why am I thinking of spending money (paying in dollars!!) to get some?Thats what I've been doing so far search and search download whatever I can manage to get and serve it up to my daughter. Is this random selection doing her any good? One day she has a problem set too tough for her level the next day it is a breeze not at all challenging.

May be I should spend just ten minutes more and search a little longer... maybe there is a good worksheet site I'm missing... ..maybe...

I've never bought anything from overseas on the Internet. Can I do it? Will it work? Will I mess it up horribly?That's a real concern. But I have to do it some day!Maybe when I feel a little more brave and adventurous. Let me first check with my Bank if my credit card will work for this.

Read her entry in its entirety

3rd Prize: $20 credit to get Math Mammoth books

Here we have several winners. Their entries are posted below.

I am NOT a formal math teacher; rather, I am a regional instructional technology facilitator so do not directly teach children. I do, however, often teach technology integration to math teachers who seem to me to be in a rut, constantly trying to perk their students who are not so interested.

I usually provide activities, links, and hot lists for these teachers via the eight school districts technology directors, my home district math coordinator, and my web site. I do have a budget, but it is generally taken by salaries for my assistant and myself, travel to the large ends of my coverage area, and supplies and logistical purchases. I never have the luxury of buying specific things for my region.

I think math is important enough to be a major concern to us all. Your products might be a tool I can use to reach teachers to acquire for their classrooms and schools if they are of that much interest to them. Since I do know good instruction and hope I am able to recognize good or great materials, I would like to receive copies of the title series for pre-algebra and first algebra so I can present them to math teachers in my region for their evaluation.

David Cox

I suppose I should enter the contest.
I contemplated it.

But, I decided I'd enter it as much as I promise myself to research which package I'm going to buy.

I am economical minded. I want the best and most for my money. Therefore, I want a package deal. I go to the page for package deals. I decide I want the one that comes with free bonus Soft-Pak.

Then, I wonder which package Light Blue? or the blue, golden, or green and then I see the the Blue series, the Golden series, and the Green series books for 100!

However, I don't see a side by side comparison chart. Just a list. I'm confused. I wish there was a chart to indicate what books are in each package for comparison. I also need to figure out what 5-A from the light blue series is.

That's it. My time is up and the kids need instruction. The math book like I used in school is working for them. I return to using it. I will come back later and chart what workbooks are in what package and what workbooks cover the same topics. I will take time to read more of the emails. Perhaps I should buy a workbook to see the quality of the book too. 100 bucks is a lot to spend. I need time to research it.
However, I never make it back to make a chart that compares the series.

I end up still using the same old school text books.

That is why I haven't bought. I'm still trying to comparison shop and understand each program. I think a online chart would help. Which series goes over addition, fraction, money, etc...
Is there any comparison between the series?

However, it is time that keeps me from buying or writing a real winning entry for Thanksgiving Contest. It might be a better program for my kids.


Dear Maria,

I have never used a Math Mammoth book. I have used some of the free samples online, though! And, each time I go through the free samples, I vow to order the whole download of all the books! I love the visuals the worksheets include. I love the suggestions for teaching concepts. When I plan a lesson and use these worksheets, it is always successful. I really love everything about Math Mammoth yet; I still have not purchased the download.

I teach special education and my students are in 6th and 7th grade. Their math skills vary from adding single digits to beginning algebra. Math Mammoth could help me met each of their needs individually. Math Mammoth could make me a more successful teacher. Math mammoth could make math make more sense to my students. Yet, each time I decide to order Math Mammoth, my personal budget will not allow it. And, our school budget is frozen due to the state of California’s budget crisis.

Until the day I can actually order Math Mammoth, I am thankful that some free worksheets are available to me. Thank you Maria Miller, and one day, I will use all the Math Mammoth books.

Janice Giglio, Special Day Class teacher

Dear Maria

I am very impressed by your work and inspire to do such a program in mathematics at my own end.

But unfortunately my family and professional commitments bar me to do so and I regret for doing nothing inpite of knowing the dire need in my country.

Maria, in Pakistan we have a very low literacy rate and public school conditions are far from pathetic, what about the students and their learning.

We are developing items for conceptual understanding of concepts in English, Mathematics and Science. Your website has been a great source in helping developing questions for facilitating difficult concepts and terminologies.

Maria I would like to extend my profound gratitude in creating such a website where free material is available that helps individuals to benefit in the most ethical and moral manner.

We have developed a booklet for prospect teachers (who are unaware of such items) so that they gear themselves and also acquaint to the creative ways of questions and answers.

Thank you a bundle and look forward to your comments/suggestions . This will be very beneficial in development of more material (support and self-explanatory).

Bina Nadeem

Dear Maria,

CONTEST or NO CONTEST I am delighted to share my views on your Math Mammoth workbooks & worksheets.

Let me be frank with you that so far I couldn't buy your books despite all my willingness. Reason being simple, I am in Yemen and I don't have a CREDIT CARD to buy your books on line.

As far as series are concerned, I would love to go for all the series: Blue, LB, Golden & Green. This I am saying based on the content displayed on your website and some free downloads that you offered in the past. They are really amazing.

Back home in India, I have recommended this site to many of our friends & teachers and they might have used your resources for teaching and learning maths for their kids.

In my case I happen to download your free workbooks for our kids and they were so excited to do the worksheets. My children are in class -1 & Class-3 and I really miss the complete sets for them.

I myself have been an outstanding student throughout my school & college years and math used to be my choicest subject.

Your course materials & the collections of sums are really interesting & exciting for the kids specially during their formative years. The prices of the books are also quite reasonable.

You're doing an outstanding work in this area of spreading learning through mathmammoth. I really appreciate and would recommend all your books & WSs for every parent & the children.

I am trying to get an INTERNATIONAL CREDIT card in Yemen through which I will be able to buy your books on-line and once I get it, I will buy all your sets on the very first opportunity for my kids.

They love your WSs.

Thanks & best regards,

Udal Ram
Republic of Yemen.

Dear Maria,

I would really like to enter the contest for one (or more) of your Mammoth Books. I like all of them, but especially the light blue books. I have been especially impressed by the variety of concepts and activities that I have seen in the samples, and your explanations of these concepts are excellent.

Why can't I buy your Mammoth Books? I am a Religious Sister. I belong to the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate. A Religious Sister takes vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. This means that we have no money at our disposal, nor do we use credit cards, which generally excludes me from ordering ANYTHING from the Internet. I would receive permission to purchase materials if I could use them in my assigned work and had gift certificates or vouchers. If I were to win this contest, I feel that this would greatly help my ability to teach various levels of mathematics, and have a source of supplemental materials to support the curriculum in place in the school I work in.

Thank you. I really appreciate this opportunity, even if I shouldn't win. I think it is very generous to give those of us who for some reason are unable to purchase your materials a possibility to acquire them.

May God reward you,
Sister Valentine Curry

Besides these, I decided to grant a bunch of $10 prizes (entries not published here).

Winners will receive an email about how to claim their prize.


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