Thanksgiving contest

I feel very thankful for my book sales, for every one of them. So thank you, all my customers!

As a token of appreciation, I thought I'd host a little contest along these lines. I'll call it Math Mammoth Thanksgiving contest. Participate, and you may win some of my books!

Now, I will make you work a little for it, because this is a writing contest. You enter the contest by answering the question below.

There are two "categories": one for those folks who have already used Math Mammoth books, and another for those who haven't. Either way you can participate.

The writing prompts are as follows.

  1. You have bought and used Math Mammoth books before:

    Tell me your experience with the books, good or bad. Mention which book or books this is about, explain how you used them, the kids/students age or grade, their past "math experience", and how did the teaching and learning go.

  2. You have never used a Math Mammoth book:

    Explain WHICH book or product interests you most (see the website). Then explain in several sentences the reasons and factors that keep you from buying it at this time. In other words, give your "excuses" for not buying. You can explain how much you perhaps love your current math curriculum, cite economics, and so on. Just let your fingers fly on the keyboard!

I will choose the winners based on the BEST RESPONSES on the day after Thanksgiving, and then email the winners. Some of the winning entries will also be posted online on this blog.

Since these are downloadable products, I won't limit the winners to one. Instead, there will be TEN winners in each category. That'll give you a good chance to win, I hope!

Each winner will get to choose Math Mammoth books for free, worth the specified amount below.
  • Two winners - choose books worth $50.

  • Three winners - choose books worth $20.

  • Five winners - choose books worth $10.
Please use my contact form to enter the contest. Remember, the deadline is the Thanksgiving day, or November 27.


strive4impact said…
This looks like a fun contest! A great way to show your thanks to your readers. I just happened across it b/c I was looking for fun stuff dealing with Thanksgiving.

What do you think of my fun Thanksgiving song?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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