What's in the name "Math Mammoth"?

Well, folks, you might be in for a surprise, but when I was thinking what to name my math program.... You know, first of all, English isn't my native language. Secondly, I'm not super creative when it comes to naming math programs.

I chose "mammoth" because it sort of rhymes with "math". I thought people would be able to REMEMBER it easily! You know, let's say a person stumbles on my website, and days later they try to remember what was it called? Maybe, just maybe, the woolly animal would have made a connection, even if an amusing one, in their mind.

So there you have it. There are no hidden implications. It's not ancient math, nor "humongous" in any sense. The math in "Math Mammoth" is pretty normal and logical.

All this was spurred by a really enjoyable and fun review of my books by Mary Grace at Books and Bairns. She really has a knack for writing!


Anonymous said…
nice post
Anonymous said…
Now we know the mystery of the Mammoth! Alliteration does have a way of sticking something into a person's brain.

I love the blog, Books and Bairns, and thought the review was excellent.
Missynay said…
I like the name. It rolls off the tongue in a nice way. :)

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