Alcumus is a brand new online math program - currently free - by the Art of Problem Solving folks. This program is specifically designed to provide a challenging enrichment program for gifted math students.

Alcumus interacts with the student and adapts to his or her level. Currently, the program contains over 1100 problems with fully worked-out solutions and over 60 video lessons.

Anyone can join - whether you are just interested in exploring math a little further, or you have student who is training for some math contest, etc.

However, currently one can only join the program as part of a registered class. If you are a single person, this can be a problem. Fortunately, Denise at Let's Play Math has set up a class which is open to all interested homeschoolers and self-directed learners. Please click here to find out more about joining Alcumus as part of Denise's class. Otherwise, if you have a class, just go straight to Alcumus and join there.


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