Math Contest at MathNotations

I was asked to pass on the word on this free TEAM-BASED math contest... geared towards middle/high school students. Teachers, take note!

Dave Marain from MathNotations has authored a Math Contest, which will take place on Tuesday February 3rd.

Students in Grades 7-12 may participate. Schools can register one team of up to 6 students to try the contest which will be different from most math competitions:
  • Team-based - students will have up to 90 minutes to complete 6 questions (although many teams could finish in 45 minutes)
  • Calculator permitted
  • Some multi-part questions and some open-ended questions requiring explanation a la MathNotations investigations
  • Emphasis on Algebra II although some questions are accessible to Middle Schoolers
  • Registration, delivery of questions and submission of official team answers/solutions all done via email
  • All students receive a Certificate of Participation and top-scoring schools/students will receive a Certificate of Merit
Here's the link to the info needed to register:

It's unclear to me if homeschoolers may participate, if they form a team.


Dave Marain said…
Thanks, Maria!
I hadn't considered a "homeschool team" but I'm flexible! if a group of 2-6 youngsters want to form a team, give yourselves a "name" and go for it! As long as there is an adult to sponsor/proctor it, that's fine.
Dave Marain

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