Math Mammoth Grade 5 Complete Curriculum now available

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 5-A Complete Worktext
163 pages
147 lesson pages

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 5-B Complete Worktext
218 pages
179 lesson pages

5-A contents and samples
5-B contents and samples

Finally it is ready! I know some folks have been waiting for the 5-B part to get finished, and now it is here!

Math Mammoth Grade 5 complete curriculum
consists of two student worktexts (A and B), a separate answer key for each, chapter tests and an end-of-year test, cumulative reviews, and an easy worksheet maker (Internet access required) to make extra practice worksheets when needed.

The two books (worktext part A and part B) for 5th grade deal with
  • multi-digit multiplication and long division
  • simple equations
  • problem solving
  • place value with large numbers and the judicious use of calculator
  • all operations with decimals
  • statistics and graphing
  • all fraction operations
  • geometry: classifying and drawing triangles & quadrilaterals; calculating the area of rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, and compound figures; surface area and volume of rectangular prisms
  • introduction to integers
  • introduction to percent

You can purchase the whole curriculum as a download, or as printed copies.

The downloadable curriculum is available at Kagi and at Currclick. The printed copies are made by Lulu (see links on this page, under the cover image).


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