Multiplication Mountain songs CD - a review

The review of Multiplication Mountain has been moved here.


Charity Grace said…
Thank you. This sounds like exactly what I've been looking for!
Sarah from MusIQ HomeSchool said…
You should read this related article 'Music and the Brain: How Important is Music to Your Child’s Development?'
mathmom said…
I found previews available here. (Also you can purchase the songs individually in mp3 format there, in case you only need a few.) It seems like a good CD for many kids. Another option is Schoolhouse Rock. I remember Hap Palmer from kindergarten!
mathmom said…
I remember Hap Palmer from kindergarten (a color song/game)! I found previews available here: -- you can also purchase the songs individually in MP3 format in case you only need a few. Another good option IMO is Multiplication Rock.
Marnielynn said…
Hi everyone,
You should try my CD - Multiplication by Heart. I developed this while teaching in 1989 and finally decided to record it this year. You can listen to samples at While teaching, I found that skip counting with music works better than 1X1=1 etc. My job share partner decided to stay home and home school her children and she swears by my product. My students always passed their math mastery tests!

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