American Math Challenge

The American Math Challenge is an online math challenge or "competition" where students aged 9-14 from across America can compete in a safe, multiplayer game environment.

This is from the same folks as the World Math Day, if you happen to remember that.

Students will have the task of answering as many correct questions as they can in 60 second mental arithmetic challenges LIVE, against other students. Or, they can also solve questions based on the national curriculum at their own pace.

Why would you take part?
  • It's about having fun with math. In fact, there's a good chance your students/children will love it.

  • It's absolutely free. Nothing to lose if you participate. In fact, during the practice week you can find out if your kids like it or not.

  • If your children or students really get into it, they can vastly improve their mental arithmetic and basic facts.
Week 1: Nov. 2-8 is Practice week
Week 2: Nov. 9-16 is the actual American Math Challenge

Register at


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