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Today I wanted to highlight two companies that both offer lots of free high school level math materials in the form of videos. These are real, commercial companies, yet they have chosen to offer the videos online for free. Both have something else they sell, hoping to make some money obviously from that part of the business.

The video content can really be of help for all students, teachers, or parents who need additional help with high school math (algebra, geometry, calculus). And since I'm highlighting these two, if you have a topic you have trouble with (such as polynomials or factoring or inequalities) you can even check out videos for that topic in both places.

1) BrightStorm Math.

They currently have over 2,000 videos available for free - a free registration is required though. Algebra through calculus. What they are selling is test preparation courses.

2) MathTV.com

MathTV.com has over 6,000 free math videos, including some in Spanish. Prealgebra through calculus. What they are selling is their own textbooks, physical and online. However, their online textbooks are available for free for evaluation and class testing through June 2010.


Christy said…
Thank you for sharing this! I will be taking this to our HS co-op meeting to share with other moms.
Ryan said…
These are great links... I am co-founder of a company called TutaPoint, based in New York. We are working hard to produce math videos for high school students that are aligned to the NCTM concept areas.
Also, we have technology to add an interactive quiz at the end of each video.
While we don't offer them free, we have many partnerships to provide the videos to schools / home schooling students.
Would love your thoughts on our list: http://www.tutapoint.com/resources/math/videosresult?view=all
AprilS said…
Brightstorm is really great!
I work for Thinkwell and while we produce online curriculum that we charge for, we offer a slew of our videos for free on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/ThinkwellVids

We figure you can check out the videos to get a taste of our courses. If you like them you can purchase them.
joe said…
Thanks.I like this.I am a math tutor.Welcome to my site.
Lily and Ellie said…
Thanks for posting these links! I am a self-taught homeschooler, and these sites will be very helpful when I start calculus next semester.


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