Cute cat videos website with Weebly

Warning: this is totally off-topic of math.

Lately I've made an experiment of sorts, and that is I've checked what it is like to create a website with Weebly. Weebly is a service that lets you build a website with a drag-and-drop interface.

My testing website is called Cute Cat Videos. I've collected a few videos of cats doing tricks, silly cats, cats and kittens with other animals, and such.

Cute Cat Videos

So far, so good. You can create a simple, small website with Weebly, without technical knowledge. It could be good for anyone (even kids) who want to build a small website without learning html, css, or any of that stuff.

I liked the selection of templates. Drag and drop seems to work fine. You can add custom html. You can add videos or other media, or Google Adsense.

Of course it has its limitations - don't expect too much. For example, in the two-column layout, I can't edit the html to change the background color. Or edit the html for the images so they wouldn't have borders. Or customize the title tags for the inside pages. But, for small needs it could work well.


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