A study: U.S. Teachers Not Well Prepared to Teach Mathematics

I just found this news article at EducationNews.org and some of you might find it interesting:

U.S. Teachers Not Well Prepared to Teach Mathematics, Study Finds

It explains the findings of a new international study of future math teachers in 16 countries.


Diane Allen said…
I shared this information with my daughter, who has expressed interest training to be a teacher. She's now inspired to devote more energy into learning her math now so she'll be better prepared for the future! Thanks Maria for posting this.
Thank you for all you do! I appreciate it & would like to share this award with you!


God bless!
GoldStudent said…

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I am not surprised by the results of this study. I am a trained teacher in Canada with two degrees. While training as a teacher very little restrictions were placed on teachers requiring then to complete sufficient coursework in mathematics. Further evidence of the lack of teacher qualifications in the area of mathematics is demonstrated by the abundance of work I have been able to find in the private education industry as a tutor. I receive more calls for math tutoring than any other subject. I also believe that candidates likely to become math teachers are deterred in doing so as a result of a teacher’s salary. Those proficient in mathematics often strive for higher paying careers leaving less qualified candidates to fill the teaching void.

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