Math Mammoth Geometry 2 giveaway

Recently I offered one of my customers a free book for finding an error in the answer key... she declined and wished someone else could have it who is in need.

So I'll give one electronic copy of Math Mammoth Geometry 2 book (PDF file) to one randomly chosen lucky winner.

To participate, you need to do two things:
1) Leave a comment in this blogpost, explaining how and where you'd use this book, AND
2) Email me so I have your email address.

If you have no use for this geometry material, please don't participate, and let someone win who can use it.

If I choose a winner who didn't email me, then I cannot contact them. In that case I will have to choose another winner.

I'll first choose a few best entries based on how/where they'd use the book, and then choose randomly among those.

This 'contest' closes and winner will be chosen whenever I notice (in checking my mail) that there are at least 10 participants. So hurry up!


Unknown said…
I would use it for my 5th grade daughter --she is doing advanced math.....

Krishna Akileswaran said…
I am a tutor and have always used your books for homework.

I am expecting to use this book in a similar manner

Jessica S. said…
My son will need Geometry in the next year or so. I am now using Math Mammoth for 4A/B and 7A/B right now!! So awesome!! Thank you for this opportunity! I will email my address. Thank you.
My oldest son is about 2 years away from geometry, I want to start looking over options.
Debra said…
Oh, I would use this with either (both?) my 4th and 6th grade boys. I do fairly well in teaching math in general, but I have an absurd fear of Geometry. Something that helps me do it well would be much appreciated.
Emily Mafa said…
I have three daughters, the twins who are doing grade 6 and younger one who is doing grade 4. In my country naturally girls tend to be weaker in maths than boys. Although my daughters are above average in maths, I would like to constantly help them at home so that they maintain high grades in maths. I have always used resources from your website, they are very helpful and I know this book will definitely make my work much easier. Thank you very much for your support.

Emily Mafa
Michelle said…
We'd love to use this for both our boys and our with our homeschool friends. Maths is a grey area for me, so my husband takes over in that area! Geometry is something we haven't tackled yet. It's unusual for us to be able to enter into give aways as we live in the UK and most resources are US based, so pdf format is really welcome.
Anonymous said…
I would use the book for my son, who has HF Autism, and will (more than likely) be home for school next year for High School. The last I saw of Geometry was over 20 years ago. Ugh! So, I'm looking for resources.
My Best,
Maria Miller said…
Thanks all! Winners have been now chosen: Krishna Akileswaran and christinethecurious. (I decide to give away two copies after all.)
Renee said…
Hi.I could use this for my 6th grade homeschooled daughter who is behind in math.Thanks for the giveaway!

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