Math Mammoth in other currencies

Did you know that Math Mammoth complete curriculum (Light Blue series) now comes with five different currencies?

When you purchase either grade 1, 2, or 3 downloadable curriculum, you will get the chapter on money in all of these currencies (as PDF files):

US money, Canadian money, European money (euros), British money, and Australian money

(The reason that higher grades don't have these is because I don't include instruction on coins and bills/notes after third grade... it is assumed as mastered.)

Of course, you only need to study through your own currency, but some of you might be curious to take a peek in the other monies as well - if nothing else, to see how their coins look like.

For example, Australian money does not use 1-cent coins at all. The smallest coin they have is 5 cents.  Or, British 50-pence coin is a heptagon in shape! Canadians use a 2-dollar coin nicknamed "toonie". It's pretty too.

Interested? You can find samples and purchase info from these links

Math Mammoth Grade 1 complete curriculum
Math Mammoth Grade 2 complete curriculum
Math Mammoth Grade 3 complete curriculum


Mama Squirrel said…
We have been using Grade 3 and appreciate having the Canadian money option!

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