Fraction of a fraction word problem

A problem about fraction of a fraction...

The sixth-graders have a fundraieser. They raise enough money to reach 7/8 of their goal. Nikki raises 3/4 of this money. What fraction of the goal does Nikki raise?

The picture below shows first of all 7/8. Nikki raises 3/4 of this goal. We need to find 3/4 of 7/8.

It's not easy to directly see what is 3/4 of 7/8. So to do that, I divide each 1/8 piece into four pieces, and then color three of the four. That way I color 3/4 of each of the seven eighths.

Of course, those tiny pieces are now 1/32 parts. I have colored 3 x 7 = 21 of them. So, the colored part represents the fraction 21/32.

This problem is also simple to solve without a picture, if you understand what is asked. To find 3/4 of 7/8, you simply multiply those two fractions. The word "of" translates into MULTIPLICATION in fraction math!

 3       7      21
---  x  --- =  ----
 4       8      32

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