Games for order of operations

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If your student or child needs more practice with order of operations, here are some online games for that. These shouldn't include integers, but just the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and parenthesis.

Most kids just love using games and interactive quizzes for practice instead of worksheets. Have fun!

Choose Math Operation
Choose the mathematical operation(s) so that the number sentence is true. Practice the role of zero and one in basic operations or operations with negative numbers. This helps develop number sense and logical thinking.

Division and Order of operations and

Division and Addition - Order of Operations
Two mystery picture games.

Order of Operations Quiz
A 10-question online quiz that includes two different operations and possibly parenthesis in each question. You can also modify the quiz parameters yourself.

The Order of Operations Millionaire
Answer multiple-choice questions that have to do with the order of operations, and win a million. It can be played alone or in two teams.

Exploring Order of Operations (Object Interactive)
The program shows an expression, and you click on the correct operation (either +, —, ×, ÷ or exponent) to be done first. The program then solves that operation, and you click on the next operation to be performed, etc., until it is solved. Lastly, the resource includes a game where you click on the falling blocks in the order that order of operations would dictate.

Order of Operations Practice
A simple online quiz of 10 questions that use parenthesis and the four operations.

Quick Calculate
Practice your arithmetic of all four operations plus order of operations.

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