A percentage problem

Can you help me solve this question?

Jayne is given £5 for her birthday.
She spends 30% of it.
How much of her birthday money does she spend?

And... Is my method correct for this question?

No, the asker's method is not correct. In fact, it looks to me like she is randomly doing operations with numbers...

To find 30% of something, one MENTAL MATH method that I like is to first find 10% of that something.

Now, 10% of something is of course 1/10 of it. And to find 1/10 of it, just divide that by 10.

So, we divide £5 by 10 to find 1/10 of £5. It is £0.50. That's 10% of the total. And 30% of the total is three times as much, or £1.50.

So Jayne spent £1.50.
See also this video that explains how to find percentages using mental math:


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